This project was done for my 3D Motion Graphics class with James Gladman in my final quarter at SCAD. It was a two-part assignment. First we were to model a realistic object and then secondly, place it in a non-realistic environment. For my object, I chose a Presonus Eureka mic pre-amp. Being a musician, I use this piece of hardware almost daily in recording music or vocal parts. It was definitely a challenge, but I surprised myself at the realism that was available when texturing and lighting properly.

The second half of the project was alot more creative and fun. I chose to use the Toon shader in Cinema 4D and create a fantasy cartoon world where the Presonus was worshipped, just like a Greek temple. I built the temple as it if was an homage to music, including a large obelisk out front that turned into a mic stand and music note statues surrounding the columns. I got alot of my influence from the Gorillaz 'Plastic Beach' album cover.

Music was also inspired from the Gorillaz, using their track "Melancholy Hill" off the same album.